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CRO Community Competition #1 - Who we are - 30k ICY prizes (~$1500)

Many of you have known me, Zanglang and Erik for a long time. Since Cronos was launched, a lot of new people have joined and we have got many questions about what we do and why. To keep the introduction short, we have a small competition for Reddit, Twitter and Telegram: 1. Post a funny or interesting picture to this thread in the next 60 hours. Can be photo, drawing, meme or something else. 2. At 23.00 UTC on Friday this competition ends and we choose the best three. 3. Winner gets 15k ICY, 2nd 10k ICY and 3rd 5k ICY (1 ICY = about 5-6c). ​ If you don't want to participate, then just like the posts that you think are the best and help us choose the winner. ​ So who we are and what we do in our IcyCRO project. I was thinking about this for a while and this list probably explains it quite well: \- Community token project. \- Fun and games. \- Community validator launchers. Boosting reliable low fee community validators to []( and knocking out bad actors. \- Creators of controlled decentralization. \- Support to community members against scammers (100k CRO almost lost to scammers - [\_/status/1458975115350323202]( ​ Or you could just think of us as a Justice League running a bingo hall. ​ You can read more from: []( Or just skip that and participate in the competition :) ​ I will start with two: "I only hodl CRO and ICYs." "If we minted 100M tokens and carved two, are these counted for the marketcap also?"
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