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Can you apply for the debit card if your CRO is in the defi wallet app?

I have some staked in the defi app. But approaching the funds required to get one of the cards. Do I need to move it back on to the exchange for this or can I keep it in the defi? It'll take an extra 28 days to move it over so I would rather leave it where it is. Edit: my phone app told me people have responded with the answer "the CRO has to be on the exchange to get the card, not the defi app" or words to that effect. 馃くBut the reddit app shows no comments here! So thank you to those mysterious helpful invisible people who tried to comment.
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Super Excited for this project!

Working with DeFi the Game, we will host NFT drops with Sir Vivian Richards, Herschelle Gibbs, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Amir, Ravi Bopara and Dan Lawrence.
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The new age of investing

Investors are always looking for an edge to beat top stock indexes and legendary stock pickers. Could the answer have been waiting at the pet store...