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can the team look into letting us pick from spotify/netflix/prime?

the rebate system is great however its only useful for people who want the specific subscription the fact that its locked to each tier alienates people like myself who have no use for spotify or netflix. i could take advantage of prime but its locked behind the 5000 mco stake considering that you dont partner with any of these companys and something you are doing on your own can a discussion be had internally to make it a option to choose from rather than it being fixed in place? its not like prime which is locked at 5000 costs more to provide. i get that spotify would be the most popular of the 3 but im sure for alot of users its not something they want to begin with and where im from its actually included with your phone bill as a bonus. it would also be appreciated if you could look into adding more options for us i want to upgrade to the 500 stake later on in the year but again im still having to choose from 2 subscriptions i have no use for a simple thing to do would be to - 50 mco - choice of one 500 mco - choice of two 5000 mco - choice of three
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