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Can anyone access the 1% loans? (Seem to have this missing in Singapore 😓)

Loans at 1% APR

We are excited to announce the start of our Crypto Credit Exclusive Promotion! For 1 week only, all eligible App users can now use Crypto Credit to borrow up to 50% of their collateral value with an APR as low as 1%.

Crypto Credit gives App users spending power by enabling them to monetise their crypto assets without the need to sell it.

Start Date: Thursday, 18/03/2021 08:00 AM UTC End Date: Thursday, 25/03/2021 03:00 AM UTC

Crypto Credit APR Table

How do I enjoy the Promotion APR Interest Rates?

Open your App. Select “Credit” from the Super App Menu. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit as collateral and key in the amount. Choose your stablecoin of choice for the credit Once confirmed, the loan sum will be credited and ready for use immediately. When the loan and interest incurred is repaid, the collateral will be deposited back into your crypto wallet.

Helpful Links

Join us on Telegram to discuss with the Community Click here to view our FAQ on how to use Crypto Credit Guide to Stake CRO on the App to get better Crypto Earn APR Rates!

Additional Notes reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms of this promotion at its sole discretion. Existing loans on Crypto Credit are not affected by this promotion. Users who apply for a new loan within the campaign period can be eligible to enjoy the Promotion APR Rates.
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