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Buyzooka E-Commerce Token

**Buyzooka** is a FastCheck out platform that connects shoppers to 1.5 million independent shops to date. It aims to provide to local stores the same technological tools as Amazon-like marketplaces to give them back the power through unbundled and decentralized mutualization. Buyzooka builds the future of **B2C e-commerce** on the blockchain, bringing massive advantages to the community of shops and shoppers. **Some of the Buyzooka Features:** 1. No more manual sign-up/ checkout (Buyzooka API connected to more than 1.5 million stores) 2. No more cart abandonment (shoppers rewarded for buying fast + Nomad wishlist-list) 3) Popular features development through holder’s referendum 4) Support independent retailers all over the world to fight amazonification of the shopping landscape. 5) Shoppers Personal data are covered by absolute privacy against spam and scams (Buyzooka privacy management) 6) Token Payments initiative (P2P) 7) “Buyzooka trusted shops” list under TCR (Tokencurated Registry) 8) Buy now pay later feature Get more info on [Buyzooka](
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