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CRO · 4w

Bought my first CRO tonight and color me impressed.

I am always looking to diversify into solid crypto projects and tonight I decided that I have too much skin in the Doge game due to a recently-rediscovered wallet on an old hard drive from 2014. I decided to offload some of that Doge and, after some research, I decided to put 60% of my transfer into CRO. It was initially 30%, but after the ease of verification (I uploaded my DL and selfie, was advised it would take 2-3 days and 15 minutes later I received a push notification saying I was verified), the ease of transfer from my Doge wallet to my new account and the smoothness of the app UI, I decided to double my investment. Staking was ridiculously easy and, the thing I like most about a 3-month stake is, other than the obvious 6%, is that it forces me to not get paper-handed. Verification>Deposit>Staking all in less than 30 minutes? Yes, please.
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