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Anyone knows a good Coin Tracking Service?

Hi, in recent time i tried many Coin tracking services. But none was able to import the App CSV Export without any Errors like having a "Crypto Earn Deposit" as a payout or simply ignoring some things like Supercharger. Even the from CDC recommended Tax Services were not able to handle everything. - They were even worse than Koinly, which is free as long as you don't need Tax-reports So i'm starting to doubt that there is any good tracking service out there i can simply import my few 1000 Transactions on App alone plus Exchange but also other services like the other cryptocard with the white S on orange ground, nexo, celsius with also a few 100 transactions each without the need to spend days to recheck and fix all the imports. If edits are even possible. Does anyone maybe knows a service, which i might have missed to check?
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