Altex, strong new coin 💎🚀

self.Crypto_com1y ago
Tired of seeing the same old generic overhyped meme BS? Us too. Welcome to the Altex Age. Altex is a revolutionary new coin aiming to bridge the gap between cryptospace and reality, enabling you to optimise control over how you manage and utilise crypto in everyday life. The crypto world is growing and evolving at an incredible rate and Altex was created to accommodate these changing times. Altex aims to empower, enrich and enlighten current & future generations in navigating the complexities of cryptospace with confidence. One of Altex's major milestones is to open the world's first Crytpo, Finance and Computing University Campus: Altex University, paving the way for a whole new generation in crypto adoption. In conjunction with the Altex Library and Altex Club we will open the doors to limitless learning and education, enabling you to get ahead of the game safely. Altex firmly believes that knowledge is power...and we mean that quite literally. As well as our Educational emphasis we place great countenance towards the environment and will be actively working on clean power generation projects. The planned introduction of the Altex CryptoCard allows for a limitless range of verified alt coins to be liquified for real world spending. The Altex coin is the gateway to launching the Altex Exchange, Wallet and CryptoCard giving you ultimate control over your crypto assets. Fair Launch: 26/06/21 21:00 GMT