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What else do you use?

So currently we can enjoy a 60% APY stake, but the majority of crypto players is not aware of this awesome deal. Yeah, probably some people still have FUD due to past CDC actions, but I think most of them just never heard about [](, or they've heard, but never bothered to try it out. So I've been thinking, probably besides []( there are a lot of other cool projects that I've never heard of, and there are good deals I'm mission out right now. Let's share what everyone's using. Let's skip huge projects like Binance or Coinbase, everyone knows them well, and please remember, that referral links are not allowed by the sub rules. I'll start with a small list: 1. Revolut. It's popular in Europe, probably less known in the US. It's like a fiat version of []( \- a neat app which allows to exchange currencies at the best possible rates (good for travelling), take loans, buy stocks, buy crypto (not real crypto, you do not have keys and you can't even transfer the coins to the different exchange, but at least it's super easy and is a good introductory app for someone new to crypto). 2. Curve. Probably everyone knows it, but I've learned about it at this sub. It's a card which allows you to aggregate all your other cards inside. It's a good combo with []( as it allows to use Google Pay / Apple Pay and adds some additional cashback. 3. OSOM Finance. I can bet no one has ever heard about them. It's a poor version of [](, they want to do the same, but do it much worse. But the killer feature they have is Autopilot, it's an ML solution, which takes your bitcoins, distributes it among promising altcoins and rebalances the buckets from time to time in order to maximize the bitcoin gains. It works really well when bitcoin trades sideways. For example, in last 3 months it generated +55% in bitcoin (or +604% in EUR). But it depends on the po...
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