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We all deserve some CRO for the exchange being down for this long. Were loosing potential gain.

BTC and ETH are moving like wildfire and we can't even touch our accounts. This isnt acceptable to just let pass by. Issues happen but compensation for this issue is absolutely due especially considering the market right now. The app has been down for over 3 hours it's not okay. Edit. "Slowness" they say. They host is completely disconnected this proves. EDIT. well this got out of hand. Really don't understand the agressive personalised attacks here. My root point: we pay for a service. That service is not working properly. we cannot access that service in the way that we pay for it. this does not change the fact that we have still paid for this service and will continue to pay the service. We are due compensation for the times that the service was not available to us in the way that it was promised. It's the same way that your cable company will credit you for the amount of time that your internet was down to your cable bill if you ask. Your service was not active in the way that you pay for it to be active so therefore you are due compensation.
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