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US Bank Transfer Application Approval Time

New to []( \- tried to search throughout r/Crypto_com and Google, but can't find a solid answer. I'd like to make the "big" leap for the 500 MCO Tier Card, but want to use a US Bank Transfer to minimize the transaction fee (if using a debit/credit card, the Card Fee is 3.5%)... right now, my application is "pending." Which leads me to a couple of questions: 1.) How long does the application approval process take (again, US user in California)? 2.) What is the current EFT transaction fee if transferring from a US Bank? Clicking "Submit Now" under Settings > Card Application > Verify Address & SSN doesn't seem to do anything either (I'm not sure if this is disabled because I haven't applied for the card yet, or if it is a glitch). Thanks in advance to everyone answering the rookie question.
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