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Unpopular opinion against community efforts to moon MCO

Hi guys, First of all, feel free to downvote, I am ready for it but this is my personal opinion. Okay fine you start stacking at the top and are early-adopters and i can understand the entitlement for ROI. But the thing is the way you guys put it is like, you are for example from america and then you went to some other country put a fixed deposit got some perks and stuffs and then you complained to the said country, "wtf why your currency devalues?". I mean it should have struck your mind that cryptocurrency acts like any other currency with heightened volatility due to less regulations and monetary policy in this sense a central bank. As for me the correct question to ask CDC is, why there are less ecosystem built around MCO. If the development is good with CRO, why not make CRO card instead (but i can understand if one day they push this that could throw MCO worthless). I just really want more utilities for MCO that's all. Actually as for me, in terms of MCO valuation i prefer MCO to stay this way and act like pseudo-stablecoin. It's a win-win for future investor and cdc, the only losing party is those that bought high. Another reason why is, who on earth wants to use a currency that suddenly go up in value like 20 percent and then the next day you wake up you lose 10 percent of any value you hold, it just doesn't make sense holding a utility currency with crazy volatility. As for speculations of running fractional reserve, believe me even if they are doing it, you don't want them to admit it cos it will just throw the MCO and possibly CRO off-balance and you are most likely on the losing side. And even if they are, everything else is within the SLA and you also accept that basically they can use the stake however they want. Also all the perks they advertised is actually exactly what you received. I mean there are companies that throw a hidden terms and conditions but this one doesn't AFAIK. Any story of cashback not working properly always closed with a stor...
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