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Trouble seeing my ERC20 in the Defi wallet

Does anybody know if ETH is needed in my Defi wallet to have some other ERC20 tokens transferred (connected) from my custodial app to the Crypto Defi wallet? I understand the fee charged that's taken out of my transfer amount, but now I'm not seeing my balance displayed in my defi wallet. I checked Etherscan and my money is my wallet, so I know it's there. They say they are having issues where the accounts amount is not displaying for ERC20 tokens, but this is taking far too long and I want to be able to swap and have access to MY money and MY wallet. Customer support keeps telling to wait for next defi wallet update to fix this issue. This can't be right...I know Binance and Robinhood have been sued for holding on to people's money and claiming to have system outage during bullish times. Is Crypto next? I keep checking to see if I have an update to the defi app but nope! Only the app received an update just today. It's been since last week for me and probably longer for others.
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