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The math of Supercharger - New terms, starting from ENJ, expecting UPWARDS 15% APY (Doge APY: 2.75%)

TLDR: Next supercharger ENJ, expecting 15% upwards apy. Upside factor: node delegation rewards are >75% and will continue to suck off CRO from supercharger, further increasing apy Downside factor: CRO price increase will push down apy since paid in fixed fiat amount ($2m) note: reward period is now 45 days ​ \---- Current Doge CRO pool: 527m CRO Current reward $250k / 30 days reward period APY: 2.75% Next: ENJ, assuming same CRO pool: 527m CRO (@20c) Reward $2m / 45 days reward period <==NOTE!!! APY: 15.2% or more! (assuming CRO remains at 20c) IN ADDITION: New dynamics here with node delegation sweeping in all the free CROs out there. The question is whether normal CRO users in Exchange will want to deal with the defi wallet and stake CRO elsewhere. Current delegation amount is 539m CRO. [\_com/comments/mdnrki/the\_math\_of\_defi\_apy\_now\_about\_10655/](
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