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Suggestion: Subscription Rebate Selection Pool

One of the coolest features of the []( visa card is definitely the rebates on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, not all people use these services specifically, and since they should be an encouraging factor in upgrading/staking for a card, it would make sense to add more subscriptions for more audiences. It would be too expensive and an administrative nightmare for []( to offer more rebates for each card tier, so why not keep the amount of rebates but let the users themselves select which services they want to be reimbursed for? This could be done through a subscription rebate pool. When ordering your Visa card, you will be able to select from a range monthly subscriptions that fall under a certain price range (likely $12.99/month). For each card tier, you get one subscription rebate of your choice: Ruby: 1 Subscription Rebate Jade/Indigo: 2 Subscription Rebates Icy/Rose: 3 Subscription Rebates Obsidian: 4 Subscription Rebates This way []( can still restrict the subscription rebate to certain price ranges and services, while also making the card appeal to a wider audience. It's just another one of those tiny QoL features that could have big impact on the growth of CRO in the long run. [Here's some shitty concept art I made]( Thanks for reading! :)
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