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Serious security issue with Visa card that users should realise

This post hopefully makes people aware of how this card works so that they can be more careful with their visa card. A few days ago I had 5 fraudulent charges to my card in rapid succession over a few minutes. I was alerted to them by the notifications on the app and immediately opened it. I saw that they had not successfully gone through and were flagged as pending in pre-authorisation. I froze the card immediately and contacted support who were very quick in contacting me. They told me not to worry as the charges did not pass pre-authorisation. They told me they would contact me again with an update. A few days have passed and I heard nothing. I then checked the app and noticed the fraudulent charges had now updated to having gone through. I contacted help again and they confirmed that despite my card being frozen, and the help operator telling me not to worry, the charges had now gone through and nobody had yet had an opportunity to look at the case. So I guess my money is lost (a lot of money too) This card is extremely unsafe given this as anyone can easily put a charge into it using the details on the card. Unlike other VISA cards who have hotlines you can call and they will immediately reverse or stop the charge, there is seemingly no means of help stopping a pending fraudulent charge. Even if you freeze the card and contact them it will still go through because of the long delay (days) before anyone with that authority would be able to look at it. I am shocked that the operator didn't tell me this. Hopefully this helps someone else. Be very careful allowing people to see the details on your card and what websites you use it on.
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