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Question about supercharger APY

I just read this post by u/X_tend [link]( showing the change in pool size and APY of supercharger events. My confusion is the invested pool size for the most recent supercharger (BOSTON) was roughly the same as the previous (BTC) but the APY, which as I understand it is the estimated return on investment, nearly doubled. Yet the supply was less then half of the BTC event, where BTC was 1mil BOSTON was 400k. I would assume that the same number of slices for a smaller pie (if you forgive the analogy) would mean you would mean each slice would be smaller. I took part in the BTC event which had a ~6% return and when I saw the next would have a smaller supply I decided that I would be better putting my CRO in earn, but this graph seems to prove me wrong. I would love an explanation on this, thanks in advance.
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