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Pro-tip: Don't use your main bank for withdrawals from crypto exchanges

I regularly hear about people having problems with their banks after transferring funds to or from a crypto exchange. Crypto transfers often set off money laundering rules which make banks behave irrationally. This just happened this week to [Ben Armstrong]( from the [Bitboy Crypto YouTube Channel]( after 12+ years with his bank. Even after being a loyal bank customer for years with investment accounts, business accounts, and more... people are still kicked out of their bank for legally investing in and profiting from crypto. If you have one bank you use for lots of important things - moving all of your money out and setting up tons of accounts with a new bank is a huge PITA. You likely want to avoid this headache. Avoid these problems by setting up a online-only bank account you can use for sending and receiving funds from crypto companies. Pay bills from this second bank when taking crypto profits. Optionally connect this account with your main bank account for transferring funds between when needed. Stay safe!
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