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Poor Customer Service (NFT REFUND) (ROSE GOLD HOLDER)

Here are the images. []( The Problem: Around 3/26 when the NFT's got released. I attempted to purchase one. I paid about $2200 total because I used metamask to pay. Error occurred but my payment still went through. I contact support and they say they will refund me. They offer to refund me the $2K for the NFT MINUS $14 for "Processing Fees". This also does not include money for the GAS fees. While waiting for support for more than 24 hours the NFT is now SOLD OUT and I DID NOT EVEN GET A FULL REFUND. It is ridiculous that THEY are charging me for the processing fees when THEY have messed up with their bugs. And what about GAS fees as well? This is poor customer support for their SUPPORTERS. I hold a rose gold card and this is one of the last straws I have with them constantly disregarding their customer base and squeezing all the money they can. I am still a huge supporter in CRYPTO DOT COM, but I cannot keep supporting their shady activities. The company is headed towards the right direction fundamentally but their custom representation is some of the worst. Cryptocom wants to be ahead of the game they can start by being the best customer support out of all the competitors. Please RESPOND Thank You.
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