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Oh. Em. Gee✈

I'm sitting in an airport lounge at this very moment courtesy of my purple card lol (Jade's unloved twin). This is my first time using this benefit, obviously by my excitement and need to make a post but, it's a great perk! It isn't free however. I'm not sure if I missed the part where you're charged $3.25 to use the lounge but I could've sworn it was free🤷🏾‍♀️ nonetheless, $3.25 is nothing in comparison to paying to use other lounges, even as a platinum Amex card holder I still have to pay $39 to access Delta's lounge so this is a win for me! Please utilize all your benefits when possible is how I'll end this post😊 *correction... the lounge access is free and the $3.25 is just a temporary hold so make sure you actually have money loaded to your card before trying to use this feature😎
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