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Not being allowed to close my account with CDC

I am in the USA and have over $15,000.00 worth of BTC and ETH locked into an earn contract. I no longer feel safe keeping my money on this platform. When the rate change happened i asked if it was possible to close my account and was told that i am not allowed to do that because i have earn contracts and a card stake active. Then i come here and read that other people have been allowed to close there stakes, earns, and account and move there money off platform. SO i asked AGAIN and have been told that i'm not allowed to close my account until the earn and stake terms expire. and that it's "official policy" and that the customer service rep is sorry for the inconvenience. Can i please get someone from CDC staff to give me an official answer as to whether or not i'm allowed to close my account please. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. I always see you guys ask for referral code, and mine is 8zejfj3ntu
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