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New deposits being used to pay old customers using Hot Wallets

I traced my deposit to lock tokens for the card and they ended up on that big wallet everyone is watching and waiting to be depleted, looks like they are using new deposits to pay for older users... I got banned from the Telegram group for pointing this, but everyone can do it BECAUSE BLOCKCHAINS ARE TRANSPARENT! Make a big MCO deposit and track the transaction, it will end up on those hot wallets..... Even if you lock.... It was not an in depth investigation, I just traced my withdrawal from Binance to the app, anyone can do the same because blockchains are transparent... Guess they forgot that?.... From Binance []( To crypto []( transaction []( And 0x6262998Ced04146fA42253a5C0AF90CA02dfd2A3 is the biggest hot wallet that everyone is looking to be depleted, and apparently is being used used to pay older customers with new deposits, which sounds bad, VERY BAD and traumatising if you have been in Crypto long enough....
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