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Make MCO Bullish Again

There has been a lot of FUD surrounding MCO, and I can admit, I myself have expressed my concerns that can come off as FUD. But with all of that aside, it's fair to admit that (as far as I know) we have the best debit cards in existence and that's a good reason to be bullish. Let's use the 500 MCO (Jade/Royal) card as an example. 3% cashback on ALL spending, 100% Netflix & Spotify rebate, UNLIMITED airport lounge access, $10,000 USD free in interbank exchange/foreign transaction fees and is a premium metal card. You're getting all of this with no annual fee, no credit check or anything for that matter. You only need the necessary amount of MCO to stake for the card for 6 months; if you choose to unstake after the 6 months, you'll still receive more cashback than 99% of debit cards out there and still be entitled to unlimited lounge access. We have something truly unique and valuable to offer with these cards. For what I am about to say next, I'm not bashing CRO because I actually like it. I just think it'd be perfect for tech savvy millennials as it'll be QR based payments and not traditional cards. Personally, I'd love to transition to that, but think about people who aren't really as savvy in that matter and like the old fashion card payments. Hard to imagine QR payments overthrowing card payments in terms of usage and popularity. There might not be a lot of attention given to MCO at the moment, but I still feel like there's a reason that will take us by surprise. It might not be today, tomorrow, next week or even next month, but on the other hand, it's a good time to recommend the cards to people as the price is low. I'd say, never put in an amount that you'd be uncomfortable with losing. If you (generally speaking) do that, your experience here will be as smooth as butter, as long as you're not expecting crazy gains. Now for wishful thinking that could possibly become a reality. What are some use cases you guys would like to see with the MCO token? I'm pers...
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