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Lower the barrier of entry for some of these coins

As the title says, some of the recently hot coins have a minimum buy amount which is getting a bit prohibitive if you are not someone who has a ton of cash to invest or you just want to dollar cost average in smaller increments. Just a few examples (the minimum amounts you can currently buy for these coins): 472 CHZ = 195 EUR 44.2 ENJ = 120 EUR 863 ONE = 118 EUR 74.8 MANA = 66 EUR 669.93 ANKR = 87 EUR 384.7 CHR = 113 EUR 7030 HOT = 138 EUR I generally think a minimum amount in the 20-30 EUR/USD range would be a lot better. I suppose it is hard to keep track of all of them but they can be revised on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at least.
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