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Just ended USDC 3 month earn. Pretty impressive return. Now...I’m thinking of...

I’m thinking of either putting the usdc back into earn or throwing it all into bitcoin. I’m a USA user, with icy white card for the background. I met my bitcoin goals, though I know continuous weekly accumulation of bitcoin is my personal goal, but I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to continue to diversify with stablecoins or just throw this stablecoin that I got done with the 3 month term into bitcoin and just stick with bitcoin in earn and no stablecoins for the future starting today? I’m getting indecisive. Stablecoins: stablecoins 1:1 to usd, 12% interest in usdc+2% MCO interest. No fluctuation. Predictive returns. Low risk. Bitcoin: 6.5% in bitcoin + 2% MCO. Fluctuates. Potential higher return, “no brained”! Lol... Just want to get ideas from others.
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