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Is there a way to delete card order or start staking during card issuing?

I was impatient and ordered the basic card (1% cash back) while I was accumulating every month the CROs needed to start staking for the level 2 card. Now I have enough CROs to start the 6 months staking, but the order of the previous card prevents me from starting the 6 months CRO staking for the other card, no way to upgrade while in order. Is there a way to cancel the free card order? Or a way to start staking despite the first card stuck in ''Issued'' status for weeks? I know CDC is switching between two cards issuer, but damn feels so long to wait for the card, and the next 6 staking months will seem like an eternity... Great Apps and ideas tho, hope it'll be faster with the next card issuer.
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