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Ideas for improvements on end-user security?

\[Very long post ahead\] With >10 M customers, []( has earned it's place as a proper crypto enterprise.We have gone from a "cards arrive in 7-14 days" running gag, to actual delivery and instantly avaiable virtual cards while. The support may still be slow, but it has been reinforced.I remember the Exchange being launched; and now it has margin trading, futures, stop-loss orders, and even soft-staking. []( has come a long way from being a "is this company legit?" with a sketchy-sounding name, to a humble yet respectable name in the industry; boasting examplary compliance, assets insurance, and state of the art institutional security.However, for how secure the company itself might be, things aren't as impressive on the user side. First and foremost, account and credentials security is a responsability of the users; but we can only do what is possible with the tools we have. With crypto booming, but still in its infancy, it is only expectable to atract more and more bad actors looking to prey on its users.Newbies may be easy to trick, so education is key; but giving them stronger security options can make it much harder for a attaker to steal their funds even if the user is tricked/scamed/phished.Veterans may be wiser to such tricks and harder to attack, but they typically have more assets worth stealing; so extra security is allways welcome. I'am no expert on security (or anything, really), but I've been in crypto for a while, seen how multiple exchanges aproache security, and seen the testimonials of people who have been victims of attacks, crypto or otherwise.While in no position to "tell you what to do", I can definetely see there is room for improvment, and point some ideas that I believe would benefit both []( and its user base. \---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- Stronger 2FA. Add security keys Of all the ...
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