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I had 1.3M CRO at one point....down to 100k now

I'm not trying to throw more dirt at []( or anything but I've reduced my holdings considerably recently. I totally plan to keep the 100k I have left for the Icy card that I use daily - with all of its rewards its a fantastic deal really. I don't think the black card is worth the stake. I'm from the US and I'm not able to take advantage of any of the defi stuff or purchase most alts etc. (not really []('s fault there) so with the dramatic interest rate drops on CRO it just feels like the opportunity cost no longer justifies having a decent size stake in it. Instead I've put some a small stake in a number of alts, then about 50% in btc, 30% eth, and about 10% XIO for their 10% monthly reward for adding liquidity on uniswap. Honestly as a US citizen uniswap is great if you want to purchase any alts - there's no crap about not being able to buy an alt you want. I'd be curious as to what other folks have done with their crypto if they've sold CRO - if you are selling, where's everyone moving their crypto to?
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