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How to use a hardware wallet (Ledger) with (DeFi)

Some people prefer the safety of having a hardware wallet. ​ Some prefer the convenience of not having to import seeds etc. to software wallets. ​ There are many reasons to own a hardware wallet, however, this post is not to debate on their pros/cons but to explain how to use them. ​ **1- If you already have a Ledger wallet that is initiated with its own Seed Phrase** ​ This is useful for using your Ledger as a cold storage wallet separate from the DeFi wallet on your phone if you wish to keep a sizeable CRO stake for example that is safe and not susceptible to $5 wrench attacks where you hand over your phone :). 1 ​ Step 1: Download the Desktop wallet from []( [ Chain Desktop Wallet]( Step 2: Install the desktop wallet app Step 3: Make sure your Ledger has the latest Firmware, then using Ledger Live (via USB with a computer, or via Bluetooth with an iPhone) download the []( app on your Ledger. **You do not need to (and cannot as of now) create an account directly on Ledger**. Step 4: Create a new wallet using Ledger when the Desktop Wallet initialises. Make sure your Ledger is connected to your computer, is unlocked, and the []( app is on. Step 5: Voila! You have your DeFi wallet which you can use from your computer using Ledger and you can sign transactions (sending, staking, redelegating, undelegating, etc.). ​ ​ ​ \--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **2- If you have a seed phrase on DeFi already and wish to integrate that into a new Ledger** ​ This is useful if there is a problem with your phone, you don't have access to a smartphone now, or there is an issue with the DeFi app pending fix and you need to transact without compromising your seed p...
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