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Help! I just messed up, badly.

So, long story short, my paupers TCL smartphone got himself a bug or a virus of some sort. It kept crashing every time I tried to access an APP. So, I had to put that cheap pucker to rest. But because I'm even cheaper then the cheap phone, I kept it and reset the son of a bugger to the factory settings. The main issue here, is the Google authenticator app that I used to access the []( exchange got itself creamed, so... I'm locked out of the exchange. I tried to reach, "tried" here is the main word, the customer support, no response yet. From what I gathered from lurking in this subreddit, customer support is far from being []('s strong suit. So... What can I do? Thanks in advance. TL:DR: I'm an idiot and I got myself cornered like the idiot I am.
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