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Help I cant figure out how to deposit via ACH

I have opened accounts at 4 different banks in my area. When I log in to do a direct deposit the only option is to search for a bank/institution to transfer money to. Out of all 4 of the banks I have accounts with NONE of them have Metropolitan Commercial Bank listed as an option! From what I can see there is no manual option to put in routing number etc. The only way I have found to be able to put in routing numbers is to go under The hamburger menu in my bank and choose payments, and then click on pay a person. Then I get the option to put a routing number in. It also requires the persons name. The routing number and stuff that CdC give you, do they technically create an account for you with the Metropolitan Bank? Or is the Metropolitan Bank a shared pool where everyones fiat is stored? Im not sure what to do anymore if I try asking for help at my banks and tell them Im tring to fund an account that has something to do with crypto they look at me like im a criminal!
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