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Frustrated customer from Australia. Ordered Ruby card many months ago and yet no card or info

Hi all, I ordered a Ruby Steel card, many, many months ago. Since then, I've emailed them multiple times, but they always reply with the same answers. I understand they had an issue issuing the cards in Singapore, but it's ridiculous that you would pay for a product and months later no one has a decent response and no ETA whatsoever. The only thing they suggest me to do is to follow them in all social media sites, transferring to the customers the responsibility of checking in on them to see the status of the product I purchased. And there is never anything new, just the standard (Card issue status: Pending). Is anyone in Australia, or elsewhere suffering from the same issue? If we can get some people together we might be able to push them to fast the process of issuing cards for us Aussie, or at least give us some bonus CRO tokens or BTC, for this ridiculously long wait time. Anything would be better than this disrespect with the Aussie customers they are doing at the moment, which even makes me question the professionalism of the project and the people behind it altogether. Thanks all and let us get together and push for results and our cards. Cheers mates. EDIT: GIven there are so many of you who have been affected by that, check the new thread I just put up. We gotta act, otherwise, we'll be waiting for months, maybe years, without any form of compensation. ​ [\_com/comments/iuc3n7/ruby\_steel\_stakers\_who\_still\_have\_no\_card\_get\_in/](
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