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Failed to top up Australian Dollar to Cro Card

This is an interesting one.... I failed to top up my cor card with the default currency. I don't know if anyone had the same problem but I transferred 1000 Aud via bank to my fiat wallet. I had 1000 AuD in my fiat wallet and couldn't load it on my cash card.... ?! How is this feature not even possible what a joke... Than I tried to convert 1000 AUD to TrueAUd wich was 1000 TRU AUD. So guess what I have now 1000 TRUE AUD in my Crypto wallet.... and I still can't load it on my card? So I seriously had to transfer the 1000 AUD in Ethereum and than swap into Singapore Dollar to swap Singapore Dollar back to Aud. After the whole process my 1000 aud are now 973AUD Is this a joke or did I do seriously something wrong?! Can anyone explain?! The card arrived in 3 weeks and looks cool... buy what is cool looks if it's so unefficient... Thanks
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