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Easiest way to send money from MCO card to a friend that doesn't have MCO?

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out the most streamlined way to send money to someone that doesn't own crypto or use the MCO card. Before I would use Venmo and do a bank to bank transfer. I also have Zelle with Chase that would work too. Unfortunately it seems I can't link my MCO card with Venmo, but it seems like it did link in Paypal (although I don't have the opportunity to test it out right now). So what would be the easiest way to get money over? Would I have to withdraw fiat from my MCO card to my linked bank, then Venmo it over as usual? My friend isn't interested in getting the MCO card for the friend-to-friend system because he doesn't think he can pay his bills with the card itself, so it seems like that's not an option. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!
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