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Do You Have CRO FUD? Reasons Why I Think You Should Not Worry...

(I commented this on another post, but thought I would share, with a few additions) Are You Worried About CRO? You shouldn't be! Bitcoin had a huge potential for years before it took off. Even though I was certain we would see >$0.25 by now, I can't say I am surprised it is sitting at or near $0.20 for a week or two. Many whales may be selling, but I bet there are more of me out there than them. I'm holding \~250,000 CRO and buying more every week. Will this moon right away, no, but does CDC/CRO have potential, ABSOLUTELY it does! This is not a one trick pony. CDC is building a one stop shop for crypto, though it is not perfect, for me, it is the perfect solution for buying, holding, staking, and SPENDING my crypto in the real world. On CDC App today (or soon): \-I can buy some crypto, check. \-I can trade/swap some crypto, check. \-I can stake some crypto, check. \-I can buy and get cash back for gift cards, check. \-I can get a discount and book my flights through Booking,com, check. \-I can use my metal VISA card to make purchases and withdrawals, BIG CHECK. \-I can use a proper exchange, check. \-I can send money/crypto to friends/family, check. \-I can get a low interest collateralized loan, soon, but, check. \-I can buy/invest in NFTs, check. (the following depend of your staking tier) \-I get reimbursed for Spotify and Netflix, check. \-I get access to airport lounges, check. So, am I worried? Hell No!!! See you on Mars.
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