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CRO · 4w Visa Shambles - Please HELP!

\*EDIT Thank you all for the support, it means alot! i have been contacted by CDC and i'm awaiting for a resolution sometime tomorrow, i will keep you all posted! \-------- **- PLEASE UPVOTE TO GET THIS SEEN!** TL;DR - Made a significant purchase on crypto visa over 172 days ago, did not recieve anything, was not able to get through to the merchant so i filed a dispute/ refund over 49 days ago. Merchant refunded order, and Crypto is holding on to my funds for more than 34 days beyond the merchant refund date. Support is not getting back to me with any relevant information or an ETA, passed me onto their legal team, worst of all they have not been able to locate their own refunds/ dispute policy within their own legal agreement when asked to present this. \-------- I made a significant payment for some computer hardware through my []( visa on the first week of March 2021. ETA was around 3 weeks from the date of purchase from the merchant, the merchant missed this date and never provided me with any updates. Since then i tried contacting the merchant through phone for a simple update with no luck, ive sent emails to the merchant on multiple occasions asking for an update on the situation but have been ticketed in their email overflow service, with no response. by this point i have not recieved anything ( Mid June 2021) It's been quite some time now, so i decided to file a case with []( support. Filled in the form and provided them with all the relevant proof. (this was on the 7th of July 2021) The support team confirmed the dispute/ refund would take up to 35 days from the date filed, to be completed and asked if i was ok with that, wich my reply was ofcourse. On the 22nd of July 2021 the merchant emailed me an my invoice showing order cancelled and refunded. on the 27th of July I could see the funds returned on my []( visa transaction page, but a few minutes later th...
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