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CRO, the most confusing asset that I hold.

1 year change: -9.96% So I hold an array of tokens on an array of platforms, but I cannot explain the price action of CRO. I own tokens that do nothing, literally nothing, and are dumping tons of supply on the market and even those have outperformed CRO. I am not posting this because I am not optimistic (like others here I can appreciate the opportunity to accumulate), I am just trying to understand how CRO's price compared to 1 year ago is down about 10% when nearly everything else in the market that is comparable has seen gains of 1,000%+. Heck, Binance coin basically has a market cap now equal to BTC's market cap from a year ago. I say this in the context of CDC having significant user growth, solid name recognition, aggressive advertising, functioning product, and the company BURNED 70% OF THE TOKEN SUPPLY RECENTLY. The entire utility of MCO was also merged into CRO last year. I'm not a moonboy, I honestly think most alts are overpriced and the market is probably going to tank because of another alt bubble that has formed, but what's the deal with CRO?
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