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CRO dual listing ERC20 and Native

Kris, Both the ERC20 and Native CRO should have been listed in ALL Apps, as two separate coins DAYS before mainnet launch. This would have prevented much confusion amongst the various platforms Telegram, Discord, Facebook and Twitter. The Coin Threshold for Manual Review has become a nightmare!!! Had the above been completed first, we would have at least maintained VISIBILITY. Instead I’m in the “Disappeared” category, for 36 hours now. Hopefully this will resolve by 48 hours. Manual Review should have been queued up by Card Tier. Green here. DeFi Wallet Notifications: NO Email Notifications sent for CRO & ETH deposits into DeFi Wallet. Only received email alerts for the two withdrawals from App (CRO ERC20 & ETH). NO Email Notification for Coin Migration request. I TRUST in part due to your Advanced Security and Certification. Those 3 No Send Emails is a HUGE Security Hole. Please Address this with App Updates ASAP. Chain already has an update, v1.20. To be expected. The launch of NFTs should have waiting 30 days after mainnet launch, or at least 14, so Support has time to assist everyone with coin migration issues as well as sort out any other issues that may arise. makes NO Sense! We don’t have a password for APP on iOS or Android. So NFT makes it appear as though we are creating A NEW account, versus it’s Own App and Linked just like the DeFi Wallet. LOVE the Company! Hate this particular #PainPoint that could have been handled better by better planning.
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