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Cheapest, most efficient way to convert CRO to FIAT and withdraw?

So I've just got the Crypto card and initially I don't really want any of the cashback to stay in CRO or in any other Crypto so I'm trying to figure out the cheapest / most efficient way to convert it to GBP and withdraw to my bank. I know there is a spread difference in price when converting into fiat on the app which is around 2.5% it seems. I have transferred the CRO to the Crypto Exchange, but there doesn't seem to be an option to convert it to any sort of UK based stable coin. (TGBP is available on the app only). I heard the fees for the exchange are a lot lower for example 0.4% as I have nothing staked there. I suppose I could convert to USDC and then move it to another exchange like coinbase and then convert to another stablecoin or fiat and withdraw there... but then there will be extra fees for moving it all around. Am I best off just taking the spread extra fee and converting it on the app? or can someone recommend the best way to utilise CRO in the best way possible? I'm unable to stake because it's less than the minimum amount.. and I've heard that supercharger events payouts are extremely poor. Cheers!
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