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Chain Desktop Wallet, the desktop app to handle your CRO main chain coin (allows you to use a ledger device or choose which node to delegate) just released a new version.

Warning: Known Issue on Staking

There is a known issue in this version that it may return inactive or jailed validators in the validator address list. You cannot earn any rewards if you delegate your funds to these validators. We are working on a fix right now.

[v0.1.3] - 2021-04-01 Additions A newly revamped validator pop up screen selection Now loading up to 20 top validators for selection Show assets values in USD price on home screen Show more informative notice on redelegate confirmations Append default client desktop memo when no memo is provided Bug Fixes Removed the extra text and space that was being added when address is copied Fixed misleading warning before wallet deletion for Ledger wallets Warning Chain Desktop Wallet and this library are currently in the beta development phase and subject to changes. Before proceeding, please be aware of the following:

This wallet is only testnet-ready, do not use in mainnet. Do not transfer any ERC20 tokens to addresses generated by this sample code as it can cause loss of funds. is not liable for any potential damage, loss of data/files arising from the use of the wallet.

SHA512 Checksum

⚠️ When verifying the SHA512 checksum please do use the Base64 encoding instead of the default hex encoding to match the ouput we provide in Base64

MacOS version: 0.1.3 files: - url: chain-desktop-wallet-0.1.3.dmg sha512: H7ArQN9xB65wBzzxwqv7h4ZJQPAb3UZaMWuBKwcEm9ZzT5LDj8EP0m5zqn3Zt5hh/sFUdheiYJ9sPv8on0ys3A== size: 195657883 path: chain-desktop-wallet-0.1.3.dmg sha512: H7ArQN9xB65wBzzxwqv7h4ZJQPAb3UZaMWuBKwcEm9ZzT5LDj8EP0m5zqn3Zt5hh/sFUdheiYJ9sPv8on0ys3A== releaseDate: '2021-04-01T17:40:12.286Z' Linux version: 0.1.3 files: - url: chain-desktop-wallet-0.1.3-x86_64.AppImage sha512: g2MOS9OPSL4TOFLK4ng2HuUcV33n1T2TLQu6NWqIvLdCfQMZNFKYCavD6tucxs3tsuKFtvOaR1uug50wQjiUkg== size: 193664517 blockMapSize: 202265 path: chain-desktop-...
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