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CDC feature improvement list!

Just wanted to share a couple of things that from my perspective could improve CDC's offerings and utility. What's on your CDC wishlist? :-) **\*Card\*** * Enable/support for MobilePay ([]( * Apple Pay (EU) * Show monthly usage of the various limits (like Revolut) * CRO topup (EU) * PIN change in App * Combine Exchange and card staking **\*App\*** * Make App scale to Ipad * Better startscreen (customizable) * Total balance +/- shouldn't reflect card topup or purchase of crypto (does not reflect actual gains) * Better overview on gains/loss, average price paid per token (purchased in app) etc. * Earn sort options: 'time left' and 'token-type' * Show withdraw fee on first screen, not just on confirmation screen **\*Exchange\*** * Remember (or just default) 'Hide canceled orders' * Remember (or just default) market choice 'All' * Instant update of trading volume * Exchange Dust-conversion * Default balance sorting should be in order of total value * Better transaction history - Better reflect all changes, like softstaking reward buy/sell etc.
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