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Card declined/"error please contact support"

Hello all, got my card upgrade last week was happy out went back in time with my curve card got all my sweet sweet cashback all good happy days. Checked a signals group I'm in on Wednesday and decided one of the signals sounded promising went for it. Get the General contact support error message, nothing out of the ordinary I have a cheap android phone it happens often enough. So I restart my phone and try again, nope. Tried for roughly half an hour, uninstalling the app restarting the phone trying to use my debit card through my curve card no luck. Contact support they say use another card which I do not have, I realise most people have a few but I don't thats just how it is. The customer support member just said get a new card and it will work?? Also worryingly enough I decided I'll try to top up my CRO card and try and buy crypto that way (you can't obviously). Top up went through just fine no problems at all but it will not regardless of what troubleshooting I try let my buy crypto currency! Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated because I'm considering closing my account after support has decided to ignore me for the last 36 hours.
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