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An rant to all the downers of this subreddit regarding the price

All of you complaining about the “sudden” decline in price of the CRO token, you likely just discovered what cryptocurrencies are, so let me explain. As veteran who has been buying crypto since 2013-2014 I can tell you that the 25-30% decline this month is almost a natural thing and a healthy one. No markets on earth can ever climb as much as CRO did this past 6 months without a correction. The fundamentals of this token didn’t change. Yes the earnings rates have declined a bit, that also means less inflation. Yes there will be about 20% more tokens on the markets when the mainnet launches but this isn’t new, it was written all along in the white paper. It has already been aggregated in the current market valuation. Some of you are complaining that is surprising everyone with their rates changes but I disagree. They have been warning us for months that they need to reach a sustainable business model. They have been decreasing earn rates for lots of cryptos for as long as I can remember. It was written on the wall they would do the same with CRO. Do you think Nixon warned people when he took the dollar off the gold standard? Bare in mind that the federal reserve this year alone doubled the amount of debt in circulation in our economy. Remember that thing you call “real money”? Dollars-crap. You think the central bank is screwing you? Seriously? Learn about economics and come back with some real arguments. In summary I’m sick of people complaining. They are spoiled children who are crying because they are now given less toys to play with than last Christmas. Sorry for the very angry tone of this post but this very frustrating to see people just always complain about Yea it’s not perfect, but it is far better than any other Finance product I know on the market. Including the dollar bonds.
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