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Alternative to Revoult as a middle-man? (GBP UK)

I was using this method to deposit money onto my CDC GB fiat wallet: 1. Credit Card (collect reward points and help maintain a healthy credit score) 2. Revolut 3. GBP fiat wallet 4. prepaid Visa Debit card I then replenished by credit card from my bank via Direct Debit (always paying it off in full). ​ I tried this again on Friday evening and just got an e-mail from CDC saying: > We have recently received a Revolut transfer intended for your account. > >Unfortunately, we cannot process your transfer at this stage because of internal restrictions and funds have been returned to your Revolut account. > >Please use an alternative deposit method to fund your account. ​ I then looked on the CDC website and found []( which states: > After September 18, 2020 - all GBP deposits from Revolut will be reversed back to the sender. ​ Does anyone know why this is? Is it likely to be allowed again in the near future? Is there an alternative I can use to Revolut, so I can still take money from my credit card to CDC? CDC don't charge a fee for credit card deposits, but my credit card company (Barclaycard) do charge a fee.
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