Linux Cryptcoin p2pool guide

self.CryptCoin8y ago
This is a brief guide to running p2pool on linux for CryptCoin. Please donate a few cryptcoin to this address if you find it useful: EuwvdCG6xsHTwAtR7oTPEp2PjGo9v8yK2z This is based on the following guide for darkcoin, with the urls changed to match cryptcoin repositories. Use it for the sections on hardening, if you are going to run p2pool for others to use. [The darkcoin guide]( For debian or ubuntu, install the following repos: sudo aptitude install git build-essential curl libcurl4-openssl-dev libminiupnpc-dev \ libboost1.49-all-dev libncurses-dev libffi-dev python-twisted \ libdb5.1++-dev libdb5.1-dev screen mailutils Install cryptcoind from here (see darkcoin guide for steps for installing that.): git clone Install the X11 pow xcoin hash python module git clone The clean step is necessary because the git repository includes build modules, which might not match your library version: cd xcoin-hash python clean sudo python install Install p2pool for cryptcoin: git clone cd p2pool-cryptcoin edit the run script, change the donation address the script: pico I personally changed it to use nohup instead of screen, it's not like p2pool is an interactive script, so I find it easier to read its output in a log file: #!/bin/sh SERVICE='python ./ --net cryptcoin' if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep "$SERVICE" > /dev/null then echo "$SERVICE is already running!" else nohup python ./ --net cryptcoin --give-author 0 --disable-upnp -f 1 -a EnGSmkMxD56LLUZ9rGeBQzU5fVN5hoW1ie > pool.log & fi Then run it: ./ Point your miner at port 8171, the p2pool web interface is on this port too, i.e. http:yourmachine:8171