Unstake to Restake? New Terms

self.Crypto_com1m ago
Hello all, I am a bit confused and wondering if anyone can help me out here. I currently have the Jade card and my term is complete - thus it is no longer locked. I am still getting the 10% weekly CRO rewards and receiving 3% on my purchases. However, with these new card terms approaching on June 1st - will all of this change unless I unstake and restake? My $4k for the Jade is only worth around $900 now, so I would prefer not to unstake so I don't lose my benefits. If I leave it and June 1st comes will it continue on with these current benefits or will it transfer to the new terms? If it does transfer, will I have to unstake and then restake before the 1st of June (not putting another $4k into this) $400 for ruby and then that is the only way I'll be grandfathered in for another 6 months with current Ruby rates? In essence my question is if I can leave it as is and still continue on with current (better) rates even after June 1st or am I forced to unstake and restake to be grandfathered in? Thank you in advance.