Travelling from UK to USA (New York/Connecticut) - Question (Won't be applicable to all)

self.Crypto_com1m ago
Hey, I'm just hoping that someone can help me - its quite a specific topic and thought this would be a good place to ask the question. Situation: I am flying from England to Dublin, then Dublin to New York, then onto Connecticut for a few days and flying back. Question 1: With lounge passes, assuming I just go to the lounge key site and get my tickets/access ready before I go? Question 2 (main question): When I am in New York and Connecticut, will I be able to use my CDC card? I'm sure I've seen before that NYC is firmly against the use of Crypto. I wouldn't want to break the terms of any agreement with CDC and lose my account. ​ Would be great if anyone has experience of doing this kind of travel loop before and what you did, what happened etc!