Simple (and instant) solution for anyone wanting fiat transfer from the CDC card/wallet

self.Crypto_com1m ago
I saw the post asking about fiat transfers from the card and wallet. This is what I do l, and it costs $0.25. Get a Cash App account if you don't have one already. Link your CDC Card to the Cash App Debit option. Load your fiat/crypto on your CDC card. Go back to Cash App and choose Add Funds. Put the amount you're wanting to transfer and it'll be instantly deposited to your Cash App. If you want to transfer it to your bank or another account, go back to the Link Debit section again and choose Replace (you can choose remove also but replace is quicker). Link the card associated with that account. Once the new card is linked, choose Cash Out and put the amount. It's only $0.25 for the instant transfer. All done. All in all, takes about 2 minutes.