NOW is the time.

self.Crypto_com14d ago
People were fomo'ing in when CRO was going hard. Those same people were wishing they didn't miss the rally. This is a second chance. People will probably comment with, 'the visa perks are bad now'. Do you realise they can't maintain those perks? Does Binance have those kinda perks still? No. I was bummed out too, but new people will NEVER know the previous perks. Accumulate with your Visa right now, cuz its a better time to get CRO's. I told everybody in 2021 July, hold 'till 2024-2025 and you will be in profit anyways. Funny how those same people did say, 'of course! 💪'. And now those same people did sell with a loss. is still the face and company for commercial cryptocurrency, in my opinion. Just because the economy, stocks and Bitcoin decide to drop, doesn't mean the core of a company like changes. Don't make yourself regret in 2024-2025. I hope you'll wealth.