Limit Orders - CDC App

self.Crypto_com1m ago
The way limit orders work seem to be bizarre. Or I’m completely misunderstanding it. I placed a limit sell order yesterday, that has not been executed. However, looking on the explorer, the CRO was withdrawn from my wallet immediately and placed in to (what I assume to be) one of CDC’s wallets. And I’m guessing it’s going to sit there until it reaches the target price and someone buys it? Chat support tells me there is no way to cancel my order, which is insane. Here’s my problem, let say I placed this order 6 months ago when CRO was nearing $1, would my order still be open and unable to be cancelled for that entire time frame? Or more realistically, my plan was to sell now, and buy back in a couple weeks, because I believe the price will go lower. So now I’m gonna have an open order as (I believe) the price is dropping with no way to cancel it? This seems life theft. CDC has taken the CRO from my wallet, without depositing any other currency, and there is no way for me to cancel.